I love green juice and Italian hoagies, obsess over an organized pantry, and believe sweat is the cure to all things - diagnosed or not.



In 2014 I graduated from The College of The Holy Cross where I played four years of Division One field hockey and at least three years of late night Dominos delivery. While at Holy Cross, I experienced the worst trauma an eighteen year old girl could ever face. A little over four months into my freshman semester, my best friend and mother, lost a two year long battle to cancer. Without her, I couldn’t really find my flow. I sat the bench, my weight fluctuated, and I questioned how I was ever going to live without her. Young, dumb, and mostly broke || my father will tell you otherwise :) || I turned to yoga. Five and a half hours away from my hometown of Philadelphia, a scholarship, and a gaggle of girlfriends forced me to just keep moving. 

As much as we attempt to plan our lives, there is no real plan. Agendas are great organizational tools and iCal is efficient but I believe in working smaller scale and smarter. What can you do everyday to feel better? Smile longer? And love over and over again? You can move your body. 

Fitness is overwhelming, over-indulged, and full of gimmicks. But when you take away the technology, the gear, the machinery, and the podiums, you’re left with you - all of you - your mind and your body. Bandtogether takes the full you into account. You’re not just a name on a roster or a somebody on a waitlist, you’re a part of this community and I - we - got your back. 

In 2014 I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training from the Kripalu School of Yoga. In 2015 I trained to become an Indoor Cycling Instructor with Flywheel Sports. In 2017 I was certified to teach Megaformer Pilates with SLT. And in 2020 I realized that I was a senior cycling instructor, a master pilates instructor, a practiced yoga instructor but I wasn’t ever fully me. 

Bandtogether brings together all of my passions into one. Forget scheduling countless differing workouts into your work week. Stop forcing yourself to take a yoga class you hate. Find everything you never knew you needed, or even liked, with bandtogether's challenging, complimentary, and easy to follow curriculum. 


SLT Instructor
lagree pilates

Pronatal Certified Instructor
Pre and Post natal performance training

Flywheel Sports Instructor

Power Pilates Instructor Trainee

CPR & First Aid Certified 


work with kate 1:1

Lauren C.

has found a way to motivate me through a computer screen and make me feel accountable and connected. She really reaches through the screen and feels like she is standing next to you greeting you with a big smile, correcting your form and pushing you to go that extra mile.

Kate is amazing. She brings her energy, humor, passion and empathy to every single workout. I don't love change and Kate has been my workout guide during this disruptive moment. Somehow she