welcome to bandtogether, 
we’ve been saving you a spot…

by kate


small group & individual classes, live or demand, in real time with real results. 

where personal training meets group fitness 

curated opportunities for you to connect online over coffee before every live workout. 

your new community

your one stop fitness shop where pilates, yoga, strength training, and HIIT band together. 

a hybrid method

no front rows
no fancy equipment
no bullsh*t 


new content every Friday. 
videos range in time from 8-48 minutes
full body & anatomy focused workouts 

video library


we’re tough, we’re honest, we share ideas, we offer opinions & we always have coffee before we workout. 



meet us live online every week Tuesdays, Thursdays, & most Saturdays 


lucky you, our community doors are always open!

let me help you find your movement. injured? pregnant? nervous? Or my least favorite line, “so out of shape?” Join me for personalized private sessions with your goals in mind.

kate 1:1
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Paula S.

"Kate is 100% the reason bandtogether has become a staple in my routine, she is authentic, funny and legitimately kicks my ass every class. Her cues on form and what “sensation” you should be feeling are the best I’ve heard in group fitness especially in a virtual environment. I could go on about Kate and this program but really you should just come see for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it."

Courtney C.

“My initial motivation was to get fit for my wedding. Now, I work out with Kate to keep my mind right more than anything. I had a rough relationship with working out for nearly 10 years, now I literally live for it. It keeps my spirits high and my health on track. Every workout is tailored to my needs and abilities and I'm getting stronger! Kate is the best.”

Ari P.

We started with a 30 minute training session and I was hooked immediately (and no - I don't say things like that unless it's true). Not only has my physical strength benefited from our private sessions but my mental strength would be nowhere close to where I am today without our time together. I'm so grateful that our virtual 1:1s are so accessible and rewarding.”


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