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before the microphone, the podium, the zoom room or any platform for that matter, there was me, my computer, and a features column in my collegiate newspaper. I love to write. I’m usually pretty funny, have been known to use an un-credible source or two, and never let the truth get in the way or a good story. So welcome to our blog. there may be some sh*t talking, but remember we don’t do bullsh*t. Below you’ll read from me and my community! 


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according to Strava, a fitness tracking app with over 800 million users, the average new years resolution is dropped by January 15th. so what about you? did you make a resolution or an exception? working, eating, and working out from home can be overwhelming. so do you have it all figured out? or are you in a pandemic plateau? if you answered yes to the latter question, then this program is for you. join Registered Dietician Katie Gill and yours truly as we guide you through three months of nutritional counseling and semi-private personal training online, in real time, with real results.

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we all have them. our pluses and minuses. The things we love about our body and the things we hate. the things we’re ready to wish away if and when our magical genie appears.

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