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lower back | 17 mins

mat moves | 25 mins

30 mins | ankle weights, mat, light dumbbells

45 min | mat + your body

28 min | chair | optional ankle weights

38 min | mat + optional ankle weights

30 min | mat + 3-5 lbs dumbbells | optional ankle weights

54 min | light dumbbells + mat | bare feet & optional ankle weights

51 min | mat + your body & light weights

Jacklin R.

She has been a bright light during this pandemic and is always a text away with inspiration, positivity, and a good laugh.

Working with Kate has changed the way I think about fitness— and made me learn how to actually enjoy it. Her unique and creative classes are geared towards all fitness levels and require minimal equipment— so you can do them no matter how “in” or “out of shape” you claim to be!

work with kate 1:1

Let me help you find your movement. Injured? Pregnant? Nervous? Or my least favorite line, “so out of shape?” Join me for personalized private sessions with your goals in mind.