started from a zoom room now we're here...

OLD CITY • 138. n 3rd street
philadelphia pa 19106

studio together is led and curated by kate deGennaro.

together is currently featuring 3 instructors in residence.

each instructor offers challenging yet complimentary courses to the in house curriculum.

kate’s "all out" pilates class uses heavier weights, cardio intervals and traditional strength exercises with untraditional combinations. Prepare to work hard, think hard and sweat even harder.

This lower impact light-weight sculpt focuses on all sides of the body, specifically the outside lines. Incorporating yoga lengthening and pilates strengthening, this class can be modified or advanced. 


founder and lead trainer at TOGETHER, kate strives to connect joy and sweat in every class she teaches. with over 8 years experience and thousands of classes, kate is a master curator. her routines are thoughtful, effortless, effortFULL and completely intoxicating. kate challenges her instructors and her community to let go of ego and just move - after all it’s only a workout - just a damn good one.



empower yoga

empower yoga uses resistance from light weights to strengthen your practice. kate combines traditional yoga postures in an untraditional way to create mobility and strength. empower puts the purpose back into power yoga. 

A dance based fitness class, join Julia on the the dance floor for a nonstop, easy-to-follow, high-energy sweat session driven by music and movement! Light weights, sneakers and zero coordination required. 


Combining principles from both a traditional Barre class, without the barre, and a Megaformer class, without the Megaformer, Mat Barre lengthens and strengthens your body with only a mat and light weights. Low impact and cardio infused, this class delivers fast, real results.  


julia is a former professional dancer, current dance educator, personal trainer and fitness instructor. julia has always been passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and strives to find new ways to enhance her training and challenge her mind body connection.

julia has been in the fitness industry for over 8 years. she currently holds her ACE personal training certification, 5+ years of barre training and has been teaching on the megaformer for over 4 years. she started her journey with lagree fitness in 2017 as an instructor at SLT NYC, and now owns her own megaformer studio in avalon NJ with her partner jason.


A vinyasa-based energetic practice that will invigorate your body and mind, raise your heart rate, and immerse you in the present moment. We will seamlessly link postures together using breath as our guide, and you will walk off your mat feeling enlivened, grounded, and strong. Come to class feel better in your body - return again and again to feel better in your mind! 


Set to an energizing playlist, we fuse vinyasa yoga with light resistance training and cardio. It will offer you a challenging and uplifting way to ignite your body and mind. Through the powerful trifecta of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, you'll savor the present moment and become the best version of YOU. Expect to sweat! 

Strength STATE yoga

matthew (RYT 500, E-RYT 200) came to yoga teaching after a fulfilling career as a professional opera singer. he was already a long-time yoga practitioner when he started teaching in 2018, and as both a student and a teacher, he found that yoga helped him to find more mental peace while also becoming stronger in his body.

matthew’s offerings combine the physicality and athleticism of a strong, breath focused vinyasa flow, along with the powerful mental benefits of mindfulness and introspection. he founded his own virtual yoga studio, matthew shaw yoga, in 2020, and continues to study with jason crandell, with whom he trained for his 500-hour certification. learn more about Matthew please visit


philadelphia's premier method-less studio.

we're method-less because we're method-full.

together is for people who hate monotony, crave community, and want to have their cake and eat it too.

a fitness studio is not a platform for competition but a conglomeration for change.

we're bringing everyone together under one roof.

together offers a wide variety of classes, instructors and archetypes.

we believe in our trainers, their mission, and their method, and we give them the space to see it through.

single class $30
5 pack $125
10 pack $230
20 pack $420

to purchase a class pack or for information about private training please contact


we're a community grounded in togetherness, to be together you must be vaccinated. proof of vaccine will be required when signing up for your first class.


shit happens we get it, but we won't continue to get it if you keep doing it! seeing as our studio is small, and our waitlist's big, you will be charged whether you show or not.

late cancellations?

mats, blocks, towels, yoga straps, water and a bathroom without a shower but full of incredible products!

we have...

your body...we take care of everything else. Sneakers are required in POWER SCULPT and optional in MAT SCULPT.

you'll need...

sign up for every class online and in advance! together is a boutique studio! we offer only 10 spots and cater to every client individually before, during and after class.

you must...

sign up for class

let's sweat, together.