truth revealed: boutique fitness

  1. Al DeGennaro says:

    love the website. Great Job KK

  2. Emily Wold says:

    Hi! I know Maddie Decerbo from the field hockey world and saw her tag you in her recent IG story. Creeped on your page and just wanted to say I loved reading your blog and about me. So funny and real. I know it’s not easy starting your own business especially in the fitness world, but I think it’s awesome and really cool that you’re pursuing your passion. Keep crushing it and best of luck with everything!

    • kate says:

      emily!! so nice to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words! if it was easy, everyone would do it right!? TGIF hope to see you in a live workout soon! maybe make it a date with mad!? xo

  3. donna says:

    thank you for giving this honest and personal look at the behind the scenes. coming from one of those (ahem) older women who took a 7:15am class that you were subbing when you were a greenie, i was instantly drawn to you and your unique approach and found myself seeking out ONLY the classes you taught.
    ps- you should add therapist to that long list of qualifications that instructors should have, because there were several rides that i listened to you coaching us along that i ended up in tears and completely resonated with your words.
    so here i am now, a total kate groupie, totally
    thrilled to find your new site and join in! rock on with your fine young self, sistah.

    • Kate says:

      Donna! so glad I’ll get to see your blonde pony tail bouncing in my class again! I will happily be your sweat therapist whenever you need me! xoxo

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